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SimCity Buildit Useful Tips and Tricks

Many people find pleasure in playing simulation games. However, some can find them to be a bit frustrating especially if they have no idea on how to play the games effectively. If you are playing SinCity Buildit on your Android or iOS phone, scroll down because you will read many important tips to make the game more enjoyable to play.

Do not put housing near a factory

This is probably the oldest and most general rule in all SimCity series. The rule also applies in this game. Just imagine how it works in the real. Nobody wants to live around a noisy and polluting factory. Neither do the citizens of Sims City.


More citizens mean more taxes

The main purpose in this game is to create as many citizen populations as possible. We also have to make them as happy as possible so they don’t move to other cities. The more citizens who live in the cities we build, the more taxes they pay. Consequently, we have more fund to make our cities more beautiful without having to use Simcity Buildit hack on iOS and Android on

Rearranging city layout is free

One of the nice things in the game is that rearranging the layout of the city does not cost any Simoleons, therefore, we can do it anytime we like. We can even move buildings with tens of floors safely. Therefore, we are free to arrange the city into the nicest city ever.

Cheap materials can be found in neighbors’ cities

In this game, we would get some boost by befriending more players. Once we befriend a player, we can visit his or her city once in a while to check the trading post. This is often the cheapest and easiest way to find materials. Besides, this is also quick.

Always make your industries busy

To build a city, we need a huge number of materials. Therefore, it is vital to keep our industries or factories busy. Always make them produce building materials for preparation. It will be a regrettable thing that we don’t have enough materials and can not upgrade a building because of it.


Upgrade City Storage as soon as possible

Besides making the industry busy operating, it is also important to ensure that we have enough storage to keep them. If we don’t, we can’t keep operating the factories. Check the City Storage as often as possible to find out if you can upgrade it when you have enough upgrade materials. We can actually find the upgrade materials for City Storage freely. Just click on the comment balloon or buy the material at Global Trading HQ.

Pay attention to the radius the public service building works

Some service building such as fire stations and schools only work in a certain distance. To see the range of it, just tap and hold the building until you can see the green area surrounding it. If you see a residential area that cannot get access to the service, there will be complaints with red signs on the building.

Put the pollution cause at the end of the street

Build a long road in your city then put the factories and every building which cause pollution at the end of it. It will help to separate the industrial locations and the residential area with parks or some distance. We can also put productive buildings which do not emit pollution in the middle, such as furniture store or material store. People will surely complain if pollution gets to their area.

Use Simcity Buildit Hack

If you want to play the game with less effort and more fun, just install iOS Android Simcity Buildit Hack. It can give you quick Simoleons in a large number. The software is easy to download and will not cause any harm to your phones.


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